Defining Evolution Ch 1 Summary: DEFINE YOUR TERMS!

Ask yourself this: How can you argue about something if no one knows what that something is?!??

Welcome to the “Thursday Night Nachos (Defining Evolution)” Series! Part of the reason there is such debate about Evolution is because almost NO ONE knows what it is. In this series, we will examine the story Darwinian Evolution intends to tell, look at the things it has to accomplish to tell that story, and then see if any known mechanisms in nature accomplish those goals. (Spoiler Alert!) We will see, when all is said and done, that the many definitions given to Evolution are paper thin and meaningless, or simply false, calling for addition to be done by subtracting, or for new species to be done by counting the species which already exist. Don’t believe me? Read on, my friends!
Read Thursday Night Nachos (Defining Evolution) Ch 1 HERE.

In this week’s video, your Rent-A-Friend (Bryan) will introduce the series and explain the importance of defining your terms.

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