Diversity Casting is SO GAY (An Open Letter to Hollywood)

The “gay romantic comedy” Bros flopped at the box office recently, and the people behind it took to social media to express how disappointed they are that heterosexual Americans didn’t come out to see it. The makers of this movie described it as capturing the experience of being a mid-30’s single gay man in New York. But then they were surprised that not gay, not New Yorkers had no interest in a movie about being gay in New York.

Dear Hollywood,

You told us that Ariel, the Little Mermaid had to be “black” so that little “black” girls could see themselves on the screen. We were told that they couldn’t enjoy a movie about someone who isn’t a version of themselves on the screen.

But now you wonder why normal people all over the mid-west don’t want to watch gay New Yorkers having orgies?

Please make up your mind. Your reasoning is giving us whiplash.

thank you,

Rent-A-Friend 2000

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1 Response to Diversity Casting is SO GAY (An Open Letter to Hollywood)

  1. wojtek says:

    That’s pretty gay, orange!


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