OK, the Leftists are Right About Disney Princesses

They showed me this, and now I’m convinced. Disney should cast their movies however they want. Only a racist would say otherwise.

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10 Responses to OK, the Leftists are Right About Disney Princesses

  1. jsneese62 says:

    Everything is racist these days I sometimes believe even breathing is racist. I have been told I am racist because I am white and my man is black and many other reasons. I am over it I don’t care anymore what anyone thinks or what they do so long as they don’t hurt others. Disney has so many serious problems they should be demolished.


    • I hear you. Like anyone else, Disney has the choice to repent or perish, but they can’t keep going like this.

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      • jsneese62 says:

        No they can’t as I am sure they are losing viewers and business at this point. I used to watch cartoons a lot because I had a blog where I rated them for parents. Disney has one called Doc McStuffins and I loved it that is until they brought lesbians into it. I have stopped doing those reviews because now the majority no matter who makes them is bad.


      • yeah, it’s getting harder and harder to find kids cartoons without LGBTQ “representation.”
        before I had a kid- no lesbians. After I had a kid, lesbians in everything.
        it’s not fair.

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      • jsneese62 says:

        It isn’t fair I agree. Maybe Veggie Tales is an option at least I hope they haven’t gone woke at this point. Mainstream though I would have no idea what to even suggest these days.


  2. There’s a joke about a little old man who finds a frog princess and she says, “kiss me and I’ll turn into a princess!”
    “No way,” he says, “at my age I’d much rather have a talking frog.”

    Disney just ruins everything. A bit funny, in the original Frog Prince she doesn’t kiss him, she just throws him against a wall. If you think about it, this is really the only sensible response when a frog starts talking to you.


  3. wojtek says:

    Funnily enough, Princess and the Frog was already race-swapped. German fairy tale changed into a Louisiainian fairytale.

    My issue with the newest Little Mermaid movie is that it looks like bland pandering. From the short snippets I’ve seen of it though, Halle Bailey has a genuinely great singing voice.


    • Frankly, I have no problem with adapting a story into another culture. I mean, Lion King was basically Hamlet in the African Savana, and I don’t think anyone said “Hey! This is SUPPOSED to be in DENMARK!” And in Princess and the Frog, Tiana being black made sense in the story because, as you noted, it was adapted into a Louisiana location for the screen. So I liked it a lot.
      But Ariel is an iconic VISUAL artwork. This isn’t adapting a written work to a visual work, it’s changing a visual work visually without good reason.
      And frankly, it’s Melissa McCarthy as Ursula that worries me the most when it comes to the singing in this new movie. I can’t imagine that being good.


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