Dear Leftists: YOU Are the Bad Guys

Remember when Joe Biden called Pro-Life Americans the most EXTREME political group in US history? Things have changed a bit since then. A miracle occurred today on par with the legalization of conceal carry in Illinois, and that is that the Supreme Court finally realized that the Constitution doesn’t allow anyone to murder babies. Roe Vs Wade has been overturned and the mere threat of this action has set leftists into a violent rage for several weeks already.

Women Celebrate the end of Federally controlled infanticide.

Protests from the pro-abortion crowd are becoming increasingly violent. Property has been damaged. Several Supreme Court Justices have been threatened at their own homes. So, let me sum up what has happened to cause this wave of hate and violence:

The federal government has been told that murdering babies is not in their jurisdiction. The States are once again in control of if their laws allow babies to be murdered. So it’s not technically illegal to murder babies. The Federal government just isn’t allowed to make that decision for the states anymore.

In response, Leftists who want the legal right to murder babies have turned to violence and destruction of private property. Pro-life organizations have been targeted by violence and destruction.

I don’t know what else you need to know, my Leftist friends. Abortion is the intentional murder of an innocent baby. Planned Parenthood was set up to kill off all Black Americans before they could take their first breath. That the Federal Government is no longer forcing this evil on the states is somehow so unacceptable to you that you have turned to hysterical anger, hate and violence.

You are the bad guys.

The mere threat against the racist murder mills you pretend is “healthcare” has set you into a violent rage, with violence and threats of violence preceding this decision for weeks. You are the villains of this story. You are literally baby killers. You are the bad guys.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Spend some time learning about pregnancy. You will learn that the thing inside a pregnant woman is ALWAYS, 100% of the time, without exception, a human baby. Words like “Fetus,” or “zygote” may be used. These words mean “Baby.” Don’t let them confuse you. You will also learn that, at every stage, the baby is NEVER a “clump of cells.” It is a living human being full of genetic information, structural complexity, and developing abilities. By the time a woman knows she is pregnant, the baby inside of her already has a beating heart, unique fingerprints, and detectable brainwaves. It’s already beginning to learn the sound of her voice. And you don’t need to go to a Pro-Life website to learn these things. Get ANY book or website for pregnant women telling them what is happening inside of their bodies and you will learn the same things. And then if you give all of this a few seconds of thought, you will realize that Abortion was NEVER a form of contraception. It cannot be used to prevent a pregnancy, it can only kill a baby already conceived. That is it’s ONLY purpose. Which brings us to step 2.
  2. LEARN what an abortion actually is. There are a THOUSAND “pro-choice slogans” that get bantered about constantly, and all of them are lies. Learn the truth about what is being CHOSEN. Here’s a simple cartoon depiction of what happens in 1st Trimester Surgical Abortions as explained by a doctor who used to perform them.
  3. Now watch what happens at or after 20 weeks. 2nd Trimester Surgical Abortions. Before you talk about abortion, you need to see what it is. And again, this is merely a cartoon depiction of the facts presented by a doctor who used to perform them.
  4. Now look at the results of an abortion. Look at the torn remains of these tiny boys and girls- sons and daughters murdered in the womb under the pretense of “Women’s rights” or “Healthcare.” LOOK AT IT. Those tiny, helpless body parts are the “choice” you are screaming about. It’s a holocaust. See it for yourself. See it with your own eyes.
  5. Watch an abortion. Now watch one happening. Look at the bloody pile of baby parts that you pretend is “contraception.” Look at the dead boy or girl resulting from what you were told was “Safe” abortion. That’s not a tumor being removed, it’s a child. That video was posted three years ago. Had the child been allowed to live, today she would have been able to walk, and talk, and she would be learning how to read, and sing songs from popular Disney movies. She would have a favorite animal, a favorite food (Mac and cheese) and a favorite song. She would be calling that woman “Mommy.” SHE is what was killed in this procedure. Her death is the choice in the “Pro-choice” movement.
  6. Repent and ask Jesus to forgive you. There is nobody so bad that Jesus can’t save them, even if they have committed murder. And once you are forgiven, you can plan on seeing your kids in heaven where you can apologize to them personally. You owe them that much.

Once your eyes are opened, share this stuff with someone else who needs to see it with their own eyes. The truth must be known. The truth will set you free. And the truth can help you stop being the villains in the story of the human race. You don’t have to be the bad guys. You can fight for life.

But that is the choice you have to make.

To learn about the history and dangers of “Safe and Legal” abortion, read this: ( Baby Killing TO THE EXTREME! )

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