Slavery and Bacon

“Atheists” try to attack the Bible by saying it condones slavery. This is false and has been answered well more times than I can say. If you wish to see how, here is just one of MANY places you can start to learn more:

And here’s another:

But let’s pretend that it’s true. Let’s pretend that this old, tired, false accusation against the Bible from ignorant internet skeptics is in fact entirely true. Let’s pretend that the Bible gives the old Thumbs-Up to the owning of other people like you would own a cow, a fish, or a toaster. 

The Old Testament condemns the eating of bacon. But I like bacon. I like it very much! Does this mean the Bible must be false or somehow wrong?

Take a second and ask yourself if you could come up with some argument which proves that, since the Bible makes a statement against bacon- thus making a statement which I dislike- that it must therefore be WRONG. This PROVES the Bible to be untrustworthy, God doesn’t exist, and Jesus did not rise from the tomb on Easter morning. Could any reasonable argument be made from the forbidding of bacon to those conclusions?

This is what the skeptics are trying to do with this accusation about slavery.

If the atheist is to somehow make a point against the Bible, they must show that slavery is objectively evil and therefore the Bible fails by failing to match that objective standard. But on atheism, there is no objective moral standard, so this is impossible. 

Or they could try to prove that the Bible both condemns and condones slavery and therefore is internally inconsistent. But I think you’ll find this equally difficult. 

To merely say that The Bible condones slavery, therefore it’s wrong is like saying that The Bible condemns the eating a bacon and therefore must be wrong. Because Atheism has no foundation for any immaterial values, the argument is essentially,

“I don’t like it therefore it must be WRONG!”

Which is the kind of argument a small child would make when arguing why they should have to eat their veggies or go to bed on time. It is not an argument at all. 

Also, the eating of bacon was not forbidden by the MORAL law, but by the Kosher Law. Jesus lifted the requirement of the Kosher Law in the New Testament (Acts 10:13-15 ), so you can eat bacon now! But if you’re trying to sell your little brother on e-bay, that is still wrong. Untie him and go get some bacon for the two of you to share.


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3 Responses to Slavery and Bacon

  1. Excellent observation. But, unfortunately, bacon is forbidden due to my stents. Wish you could have picked a different analogy 😜


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