This paper clip is a real jerk

What’s up my fellow atheists? Thank the improbable eventualities it’s Friday, huh?

Let me tell you something I was thinking about between my all CAPS LOCK flame attacks on those stupid Christians. I went into the kitchen to get a drink, and I saw something which has made me mad for a LONG time, and I finally figured out why.

If you walk into my kitchen you will see a brave and honest magnet sticking to the refrigerator. It doesn’t need to be told. It asks nothing in return. It just sticks to the refrigerator day and night,  doing what is right.

But then there’s this paper clip. This little jerk REFUSES to stick to the refrigerator no matter what I do or say. I don’t know if it is selfish or insane but it will NOT stick to the refrigerator!

The magnet even tries to help. It will hold onto the paper clip so they can both be on the refrigerator but I know it’s the magnet doing all of the work. That lazy good for nothing paper clip isn’t even trying!

I hate that thing, and I figured out why.

It reminds me of my father. That jerk “followed his heart” and abandoned his family for a Las Vegas show girl whose real given middle name is “Sparkle”.

Now I’m not one of those hypocritical theists who demand a certain sexual morality for all people based on some old book. As an atheist I know that humans are merely animals which are slaves to their instincts just as mice and butterflies are. We have meat computers in our heads with programs they follow because they HAVE to. There’s no ghost in the machine. I get that. Homosexuals are gay because they have the gay gene, or whatever. They can’t CHOOSE it or choose to NOT be whatever they are. Liars lie because they evolved those characteristics. We’re all just machines dancing to our DNA. We’re like that magnet. It sticks to the fridge because its a magnet. It can’t really CHOOSE to do it, even though I think we would all agree that its the right thing to do.

But sometimes people should choose to ignore their feelings or instincts or whatever and do what is right. I mean, I don’t believe they really can, as we’re all animals driven by instinct which is programmed by our DNA, but I guess I’m saying I still think my old man is a jerk.

Just like this stupid paper clip.

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