First Prove God? (Another way Evolution Fails)

I find that a lot of conversations with atheists on social media tend to follow the same path. I always hope for better conversations, but instead I wind up in deja vu land, and I have yet another good reason to be thankful for that MUTE button. One of the tired and well worn avenues which I get dragged down by the roach clowns who stop by to start an argument with me is the declaration that, before I can prove Evolution is false, I have to prove that God exists, and then I have to prove that He is the God of the Bible and not Thor or Zeus or Oprah.

I spend a lot of time reading tweets multiple times and saying to myself,

“What the whaaaaaat?”

Here is the point: It is possible to prove that Evolution fails without first concluding that the Bible is true. The irony is, you can’t come to the conclusion that Evolution is a fact without first rejecting the Bible. That’s what Charles Lyell and Charles Darwin and a host of other people have done. Now a days the kids are all told to use their faith in evolution as a reason to reject the Bible, but the point is the same.

One does not need to accept the Bible as true before he can reject evolution, one only needs to know enough science. If you want to see evolution fail, just look closely at evolution.

Evolution fails all by itself.

But once it does, the smart thing is to start asking- “Where we did come from?”, which will eventually lead you to discovering that the Bible is true starting on the very first page. The entire “Defining Evolution/Thursday Night Nachos” series shows just this- that evolution fails on its own merits merely by examining what it teaches and the relevant sciences. I suggest you check that out here. Among other resources. And remember, #JesusLovesYou

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