Young Earth Creationism Vs Old Earth Creationism

OK, Atheists, you can take a day off. This one is about a family feud.

Young Earth Creationism essentially says that Genesis is correct as written and best interpreted merely as it is written. God made the heavens and the earth in an ordinary calendar week about 6,000 years ago. No Big Bang, no billions of years, no evolution. Adam and Eve and the Fall were real, as were Noah and the Flood.

Old Earth Creationism says that Big Bang is how God made the universe, and evolution (or something like it) is how he made life over the past 13 billion years. No DAYS of Creation. Probably no actual Adam and Eve. And no flood of Noah- or if so a small, local flood which we will CALL “universal” and swear we are not being sarcastic.

Old Earth Creationists start with modern science (and secular interpretations) and reinterpret the Bible accordingly. Young Earth Creationists start with the Bible and use it to understand modern science, both in terms of understanding observations, but also which interpretations to accept or reject.

In a nutshell:

Young Earth Creationists say the world, nature, and man are corrupted and put their trust in the Bible.

Old Earth Creationists say the Bible is corrupt and put their faith in the world, nature, and man.

Debates are like a nose: When you pick a side, consider what it is you are actually picking.

For more on this topic, check out the Confessions of a Young Earth Creationist Series. 

And remember, #JesusLovesYou

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2 Responses to Young Earth Creationism Vs Old Earth Creationism

  1. Phase_Blog says:

    Hmm….my interpretations and what I believe definitely sit in the middle of these two views. I believe the young earth creationism view up to the point where the days/week could just be an illustrative device used in the Bible to make it easier for us to understand, OR, that because God is outside of time, what is a day to God is a thousand or a million or a billion years to us. However, I do believe that God may have used the Big Bang and evolution to create the world. For me, there’s no reason why he didn’t or couldn’t have. And then again, I believe that Adam, Eve and Noah were all real.Either way, I find it really interesting to see how other people interpret the Bible and incorporate modern science into their beliefs.


    • Well thanks for writing in PB.
      The question is not COULD God have used the Big Bang. Sure, He’s God. But the question is DID HE? Very simply, Genesis and Big bang are incompatible. They cannot both be true. But science does not support the Big Bang model unless you first reject Biblical Creation, embrace deep time, and leave it as your only option. I understand the merging of Genesis and Big Bang- I used to do that. But I was ignorant and lazy. When I took the time to read and learn, I discovered that much of what I thought about Genesis and Big Bang cosmology was wrong. Popular, but wrong.
      Anyhoo, thanks for your comment. We’ve just started a whole series on this stuff over on the youtube channel:
      Check it out, and thanks for watching!


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