The Tokyo Delusion

You know what I am sick of? People trying to force me to believe that Tokyo is a real city.

To be clear, I’m not saying I believe Tokyo is NOT a real city. I’m just saying I don’t believe it is, and there are NO good arguments for its existence. I just see a lot of weak minded children who believe everything they see on TV arguing that I HAVE to believe what they believe because REASONS. But no GOOD reasons!

So I did a little research to shut up the Tokyo Believers out there. Image result for tokyo drift mater

Tokyo is a city portrayed in a Disney Pixar cartoon where in Mater becomes a drift racer. Its a great episode and fun to watch, but NONE OF IT IS REAL. First of all, cars do not have eyeballs and they do not talk. So showing me a city full of them does not help your case at all.

I have never been to Tokyo or Japan nor do I know anybody who has. I know some of you are going to tell me that YOU have friends who claim to have been there, but I’ll bet just as many of you have friends who claim to have been abducted by UFOs or who claim to have seen BIGFOOT. 

And spare me the screen shots from Google Maps. Just because it appears on Maps doesn’t mean it’s real. Disney’s Magic Kingdom appears on Maps but it’s not an actual kingdom.

What about Photographic evidence? All of the pictures I’ve seen of Tokyo could very easily be part of Chicago or Los Angeles, maybe taken in Chinatown. And in this day and age of Photoshop, all of you need to be a LOT more skeptical of the pictures you see on the internet.

Image result for atlas

See this? This is a “World Atlas.” It has a lot of pictures in it which were put there by people hoping to sell copies of this book- people with an agenda and certain biases. Some of these Tokyo believers will point to this book and say, “Its in this book, so I believe it.” But just because its in a book doesn’t mean its true. I can show you a book with a map of Narnia, or a map of the Hundred Acre Wood, or of Middle Earth, or of Poland, but NONE OF THOSE PLACES ARE REAL!

So if you want me to believe in this mythical city of Tokyo, you have to provide extraordinary evidence for your extraordinary claims. Or maybe, just maybe, it is possible to be skeptical, cynical, wrong, and very, very stupid all at the same time. 

But I doubt that.

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6 Responses to The Tokyo Delusion

    • Hello David,
      I know what you are saying here, because EVERYTHING can be found on line if you’re willing to part with your money, but, can’t I also walk through a wardrobe to Narnia? And can’t I also take a bus to a “Magic Kingdom” owned by a giant, anthropomorphic talking mouse who wears gloves and is friends with a talking duck and visit “Cinderella’s Castle”? Or, couldn’t I take a boat to Europe and go visit “Poland”? If you were more skeptical, you wouldn’t be suckered in by such things.
      But thanks for writing in.


  1. jim- says:

    Very clever. I like it


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