Are we still in the 7th day?- Confessions of a YEC part 10

The final argument from scripture which is usually associated with this attempt to lengthen the six creation days comes from the seventh day. First, many will try and argue that Hebrews 4 tells us that the Seventh day is STILL GOING ON, and thus, those Creation says CAN’T be normal days. Once again, why these people feel they can define a Hebrew word in the Old Testament with a Greek passage in the New Testament is beyond me. Not only that, but Hebrews 4 does not say that the Seventh day of Creation is still going on. Go read it. Anyone can see that Genesis 1 and Exodus 20 call the Creation week, six days. But then people will choose to ignore that fact and try to read into Hebrews 4 that the Seventh day is still going on, and thus the Creation days were not normal days?

This is my argument kids. Just say NO to drugs.

Seriously. Go read Hebrews 4 for yourself. If you have a translation that says, “The seventh ‘day’ of Creation, where in God rested, is STILL going on because, like the other days, it’s not REALLY a day,” let me know what translation you are reading and I will run out and pick up a copy. Until then, I think reading the passage is all the argument anyone should need.

It doesn’t say that. Claiming that Hebrews 4 tells us how long Creation week days are is a stretch better than you can get with a pound of fresh taffy. (That’s a State Fair colloquialism. Feel free to use that this summer!)

One argument that people try to make to validate this seventh day lasting forever business is the fact that the seventh day in Genesis 1 does not conclude with “And there was evening, and there was morning, the nth day.” They argue that, if this was just another normal day, then the author would have said this like he did with all the other days. What this argument fails to realize is that for this argument to work at all, the other six days MUST be regular days because they DO use that concluding phrase. It defeats itself in it’s assumptions. The best this argument gives you is a normal six day week with a metaphorical weekend, and even that is a stretch. A stretch like Elastagirl (From Disney/Pixar’s the Incredibles, now on Blue Ray and Disney DVD!*).

I suggest we all read the clear passages of scripture, like Genesis 1 and Exodus 20 telling us Creation took a week, and use them to interpret the less clear passages of scripture, like Hebrews 4 where in we seem to be given a metaphor for God’s rest (7th day of creation), Sabbath rest (Every 7th day) and salvation (Any day of the week)? Doesn’t that make more sense? I think it does. So that’s just what I’ll do. Feel free to do the same.


*not all of my metaphors are good ones.

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