Jesus was a Young Earth Creationist- Confessions of a YEC part 2

As soon as you read the title to this post (“Jesus was a Young Earth Creationist”) some of you immediately went into conniptions and started screaming


and then you went to have a beer and listen to some “secular” rock music while wearing your Obama/CHANGE t-shirt, because those are things Billy Graham and your Baptist grandmother would NEVER DO. From what I have read on social media, this makes you relevant or hip or something the kids are into these days. Whipper Snappers. Always snapping the whipper…

The title is an attention getter, but it is not sarcasm nor mere click-bait. If you read what Jesus said, it’s easy to deduce that he actually was a young earth creationist. While there are many other reasons which will be discussed in future posts, the fact that JESUS holds a certain position has always been, for me, a good enough reason to do the same. I can buy a beer swilling Obama voter being a Christian but when your position about Jesus is, “He was wrong,” then, no, you are not a Christian. You, my fine feathered fellow, are a fruit loop.

Bodie Hodge (Awesome name- bonus points for Bodie!) wrote a very good article about this recently. You can read that here.

Very simply, to show that Jesus was a YEC we can make use of two verses where in Jesus says this:

But from the beginning of the creation, God ‘made them male and female.’ (Mark 10:6)

And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female’” (Matthew 19:4)

To understand this idea, all you need to do is create two timelines- the YEC timeline and the OEC timeline- and see which one seems to match Jesus opinion as expressed above. First, draw a line 125 feet long, and somewhere in the first 64th of the first inch, mark the place where God made humans during creation week. This is where, on the YEC model, God made them, Adam and Eve, male and female. At the beginning. The rest of the line to the right represents the 6,000 year history of the world since.

The Biblical Creation Model- click to see full size

Now you’ll draw the Old Earth model. You’ll draw the creation of the first humans at the very beginning of a one foot long line. The distance after represents the 10,000 years of human history, depending who you ask. If you ask someone who accepts the deep time/evolutionary dates (as many OEC do) you will find your timeline of human history is actually 100,000 years (ten feet on our timeline) and looks like the one below. The collection of colored lines on the far right there is the 6,000 years of biblical/world history presented in the timeline above.

Click to see full size

The difference between the Old earth Creation (OEC) models is maybe 90,000 years for the date of Adam and Eve (if their model even accepts Adam and Eve as being real) and will therefore be either a foot or ten feet, but on the big, deep time scale, that’s not really significant, believe it or not. What’s more important is when the beginning is. When is the BEGINNING? Well, let’s zoom out a little further.

Below is a timeline of Earth history according to deep time/Evolution. The history of all life on earth takes place in the blue section, but until the green line at the far right, all of it was bacteria, which are not male or female. On this timeline, NOTHING was made male or female until after that green line, and humans show up inside of that think white line at the very far right.

Click to see full size.

Having drawn the timeline of human history (about a foot for OEC’s or about ten feet long for Evolutionists) we need to add enough timeline to get to the BEGINNING- the BIG BANG. You’ll draw a line to represent the time before the first humans behind that first 1 or 10 foot line line, extending to your left for THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY MILES. The Big Bang could be somewhere around Indianapolis, IN, and the creation of mankind (Male and female) would be somewhere in Pittsburgh, PA. Going the speed limit, it would take you more than FIVE HOURS to drive from the beginning of creation to the creation of man and woman, but then the rest of history would be the length of a small dining room or an unusually large shoe.

click to see full size

Now take a good look at both lines- the Big Bang Model and the Young Earth Biblical Creation Model. Can you see the difference between them? Now look again at what Jesus said: “From the BEGINNING of Creation, God made them Male and Female.” Which line seems to show God making them (Male and Female- AKA Adam and Eve) at the BEGINNING of Creation? Which shows God making them at the END of Creation? Which timeline matches what Jesus said?

This is a question easy enough for Blue’s Clues.

For a more detailed look into the many references New Testament authors and Jesus make to the events in Genesis, see this article by Answers in Genesis. And remember #JesusLovesYou

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