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Objective Morals and the Speed Limit on the Moon

One of the comments I see from atheists on social media all the time has to do with their views on morality. Christians who have studied some philosophy will tell them that, if God did not exist, then objective morals … Continue reading

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Inwardly Fuel Efficient

The library has parking spaces which are marked as being reserved for fuel efficient vehicles. The physical facts are that I drive an old, gas guzzling Buick, but I self identify as a person who drives a Tesla- a very … Continue reading

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Fart, Sandwich, Fart

I’ve had a few atheist on social media get angry at me for not taking their comments or questions more seriously. I have failed to reply in the manner they feel their comments deserve. But the reason many of them … Continue reading

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God and the Number Five

When atheists ask a Christian “What would it take to convince you that God doesn’t exist?”, this is exactly the same as if we were to turn around and say “What would it take to convince you that the number … Continue reading

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The Gospel- Part 5: Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men

The purpose of this series is to explain why I have been writing articles and making videos for almost ten years. I am trying to help people get free of the lies that stand between them and the Gospel. More … Continue reading

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Defining Our Terms- A VERY simple flowchart

Defining our terms comes down to two VERY simple and clear “yes” or “no” questions. This flowchart should clear it all up. You’re welcome. Amazingly, the way I use the word “atheism” has caused more angry backlash than anything else … Continue reading

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