The Image of God (Or, How Two Become One)

Consider a few verses about God making the human race:

Genesis 1: 27 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

Matthew 19:4&5 Jesus answered, “Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’… and the two will become one flesh’?”

Genesis 5:1 (NIV) “When God created mankind, he made them in the likeness of God. He created them male and female and blessed them. And he named them “Mankind” when they were created.”

The reference to being made in the image of God is always coupled with them being made male and female. I don’t think either was made in the image of God, but rather THEY were made in the image of God. This is why the two are meant to become one- we complete the image together.

Which is the image- the portrait or the profile? A front facing portrait and a side profile of the same person are very different. Think about this- if you were an alien life form from a distant world- say you were a plant- and you were given two pictures of the same person- one front facing and the other the profile- would you even know they were the same species?

One has two eyes, two ears, and a mouth and a nose in the middle of its face. The other has one eye, one ear, and a mouth and a nose on the side of its head.

Both together give a better sense of the real subject. Women are like men the way a portrait and a profile are alike. Neither gives a full impression of what the subject looks like. Together they give more of a full picture than either could alone.  This is why God made men and women very similar, and yet very different. Only together can we complete the picture. This is the foundation for marriage, and the equality of men and women.


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5 Responses to The Image of God (Or, How Two Become One)

  1. Arkenaten says:

    I note there are still a couple of comments in moderation. Are you planning on releasing them?


    • Yes. I just get busy with other things and don’t often have the time to devote to this stuff. You’d be surprised how little money we young earth creationist bloggers make by blogging. I almost had to choose between my Concorde jet and my Ferari 448 GTB! This year has been tough that way.
      Sorry to keep you waiting.

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      • Arkenaten says:

        You could simply not moderate … as most people who are not afraid of interaction do. Just a thought.


      • I have to wonder if you are a coward or simply lack self awareness. See, when you say things like “as most people who are not afraid of interaction do” either you are too stupid to realize that you intend to call me a coward, or you are too cowardly to actually say what you mean. You have done this over and over, and I can’t imagine you are so stupid as to not know you are doing it. The fact that you present this as a passive aggressive form of helpful critique doesn’t make that any more veiled. I’m not trying to be mean here, but you seem to need an honest critique of your communication skills far more than you need a reply to any of your comments.

        I’ve figured out why other bloggers get sick of conversing with you. You constantly toss in these little digs like you’re just trying to see HOW rude you can be before people get sick of you. It’s like you want to see how many times you can fart in my car before I stop and let you out, and I hope you’re not going to whine about it as if I have something wrong with ME to not want to drive around in a cloud of stank. You can walk home. Go ahead, play the victim if you can stomach it. I’m going to Target for a metaphysical air freshener.

        I don’t think you’ve read your own comments or my critique of them, so here it is again- PLEASE pay attention this time: Your entire game is to make blanket statements with NO defense, no evidence, and NO CASE AT ALL for the truth of what you claim, and then you reject anything I site BECAUSE IT DEFENDS MY POSITION.

        That is the very definition of the “No True Scotsman Fallacy”. You’re like a lawyer trying to claim that the judge should toss out all of the evidence which doesn’t make YOUR case. THAT’S NOT HOW IT’s DONE. Evidence ought to be evaluated on its own merits, not admitted only if it makes the case you have already decided on. And you want to pretend YOU are on the side of REASON and SCIENCE and HISTORY? Far from it, you are the poster-child for all that kills actual inquiry into truth. You are what keeps evolution in textbooks and Democrats in office. Time to learn and grow, my friend.

        Let me make some suggestions to help you improve:
        1. Stop being rude. This passive aggressive nonsense only makes you seem like a jerk and a coward. You’re not even criticizing me for what I have said and done- you’re mainly throwing barbs at what you EXPDECT me to do because I am- you presume- an idiot/religious/irrational/etc. If you are actually incapable of understanding what I am saying here- if you are seriously tempted to ask me “When was I rude?” or “How is that passive aggressive or rude?”- then find someone who is capable of normal human communication and have them proof read for you. And maybe get evaluated for autism or something. I’m not going to try to prove to you what ought to be obvious to you already. Read your comments and think about how you would receive them from someone else.

        2. MAKE A CASE. If you are going to make a statement of fact, then you already have the burden of proof. MAKE A CASE. Like, right away. Begin making the case WITH THE ORIGINAL STATEMENT. You are being lazy and far from being persuasive, you are merely making yourself look like an idiot. Again, think about it from my point of view: Your first big shocking revelation to me was that the Jews stole their god from the neighbors, and you have as of yet provided not so much as a link to a youtube video supporting this idiot idea. Instead, you have made several subtle digs about my being too religious/irrational/stupid/stubborn to accept this claim of yours, as if you have decided I can be persuaded by bullying or my need to be accepted by you- in the place of facts, evidence, or reason. You really ought to be ashamed of yourself, because this is all you have done, and you have left a LOT of comments. What you have NOT done is made a case. FOR ANYTHING. If you REALLY THINK that your position is rational, then support it with reasons or AT LEAST links to supporting evidence.

        3. The validity of an argument is NOT determined by the messenger or medium. It is determined by the evidence and arguments. If ICR is wrong, or if Mark Armitage is wrong, or if JP Holding is wrong, or if any of the other speakers or authors I have sited and linked to are wrong, then they are wrong because they have presented false information or made arguments based on logical fallacies. However, if they have NOT presented false information or made arguments based on logical fallacies then YOU are in error to reject them merely because they have come to a conclusion you do not like. Your feelings about a matter do not determine truth, nor do they invalidate evidence and logical arguments. Yet emotional backlash is all you have provided in response. You have not given REASON to reject them beyond the fact that they come to a conclusion you don’t like- once again itself a logical fallacy. Use your head and stop reacting like a child.

        4. Ask more questions- as opposed to making these ridiculous, unsubstantiated claims. If you have a counter claim, have the courage to come out and make it WITH SUPPORT for your case. If you are ignorant, ask questions and don’t be rude about it. Just ask questions. Right now you’re blending all of these together and it is not flattering to you.

        5. Or just stop leaving comments on other people’s blogs. You can say anything you want on your own blog, and I promise I won’t correct you on your blog. I don’t read your blog, so you can stay there and not worry about any of this advice, unless you want to be taken seriously and understood by people who DO read your blog, if any. I guess in that case this is all still great advice.

        And free. I hope you appreciate how much you’re getting for so little.

        If you can get some of that corrected so that you can write something worth reading and replying to, I will be happy to respond and answer any questions you may have when I have time to do so. In the mean time, I’m just going to delete the rest of your comments because, as I have explained here in detail, they are a waste of both of our time.

        Don’t give up. With a little work and thought you too can write something worth reading. But you have to be willing to try. Make me proud, Ark.


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