Defining Evolution Ch 2 Summary: History According to Darwin

Where did we come from? How did we- and wolves and cabbages and everything else living on Earth today- come to be?

Welcome again to Thursday Night Nachos (Defining Evolution)! In Chapter 2, the guys down at Danny’s talk about the Darwinian Tree of Life, which is a map of the History of Life on Earth, as told by Charles “Chuck D” Darwin. By studying these pictures, one gets a good idea of what it is Evolution is intending to say happened. Even though you may have suffered through nearly two decades of public school, the facts may surprise you. The key idea is this: Not EVERY kind of change will cause the Tree to grow. Some changes are a metaphorical chainsaw.

In this week’s video, your Rent-A-Friend (Bryan) will explain the tree and help you differentiate between the kinds of changes which make the tree grow and the kinds that hack limbs off. I already know that some people will argue with me about this, but I shall stand my ground in saying that growing a tree and hacking it’s limbs off are NOT the same action.

Read Thursday Night Nachos (Defining Evolution) Ch 2 HERE.

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