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Greetings and salutations from A Bit of Orange, the Biblical Apologetics Ministry of Bryan Melugin. I know you have questions- Big questions.  Questions about God, the Bible, Science, History, and truth. And big questions need friendly answers.

In addition to the articles and video content I put out regularly, I am available to visit in person to give presentations and answer questions. (See below for available presentations)

I’m what people might call a Christian apologist, which is a fancy way of saying I explain why the Bible is true from cover to cover. I use science, philosophy, and history to show that the Bible is true, but don’t let any of that intimidate you. If you can think about a rubber duck, then you can grasp the philosophy. If you know you can’t add by subtracting, then I think you’ll understand the science. If you know you’re a human being and not a toaster, then I think you’re off to a very good start. That fact alone tells you far more than you probably realize.

So the short version is this. I’m your friend, and I am here to help believers to think, and thinkers to believe.

The stats tell us that the next generation is leaving the church in alarming numbers. More than 60% of kids raised in churches abandon their faith in college, but more than 80% of those that leave say they began having doubts in middle school or high school. This means our churches and families need to be equipped to help those kids with doubts become adults with answers! That’s where I can help. I can teach some apologetics to your kids, or their parents, or your Sunday school teachers, or all of the above. Just tell me how I can serve your church, school, or community group, and together we will make sure the next generation learns the truth of scripture, science, philosophy, and history which shows the Bible is accurate and trustworthy, and Jesus is Lord.

To Invite me to your church, school, small group, pizza party, or chili cook off, just send an email to:

Here are some presentations I’m ready to bring to you:

The Metaphysical Map: A simple explanation of the ideas in worldviews and religions, and how to tell them apart.

Proof of God: Answering skepticism with logic, philosophy, and science.

Answering Atheism: The basics of the debate between Christianity and Atheism, as you’re likely to find on social media.

Rent an Atheist: I pretend to be an atheist and give reasons NOT to trust the Bible, to give your group an opportunity to see what it is like to hear from an informed atheist (and to learn why Biblical apologetics are worth studying). Then I give the answers.

Confessions of a Young Earth Creationist: The Scripture and science which defends Young Earth Creationism- from deep time and big bang to evolution.

Creation Soapbox: A quick look at the basic science concepts in the Creation/Evolution debate, and why Evolution fails.

Chuck D and the New Monkey Band: A longer, more in depth look at Creation/Evolution.

Noah’s Flood is Real History: Seeing what the Bible says and how science supports the story of the world’s worst weather.

If you have different needs, just contact me and I can create a presentation to suit your needs.

You can see my blogs on a variety of topics here:

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