Articles from the past decade are still available at the two sites below:

The Rent-A-Friend site covers many topics relating to Biblical Apologetics, including Philosophy/Metaphysics, The Bible, Evidence for the Existence of God, Comparing worldviews/religions to Christianity, Atheism, Star Wars, rubber Ducks, and Guitar Hero.

Creation Soapbox covers topics relating to Genesis- Creation VS Evolution, Young Earth/Biblical Creationism, and Noah’s Flood.

While many more topics and articles are covered on the sites above, below are links to some of our more popular and extensive topics. Enjoy!

The Gospel


The Bible


Defining Evolution (Thursday Night Nachos)  Chapter Summary Videos:


Defining Evolution (Thursday Night Nachos) Chapters and video chapter summaries:


Confessions of a Young Earth Creationist:


The Proof of God Series