Pixar’s Soul has no Heart (and it’s racist)

Disney/Pixar’s Soul was paraded in ads as the FIRST Disney/Pixar movie with a black lead character! An actual African American person on screen, voiced by an actual African American person behind the scenes! And many of us said to ourselves, “Wait… what happened to Frozone from Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles and Incredibles 2?”

“Honey? Where is my public recognition?”

Do you see that Barack Obama? That’s what it’s going to be like when America gets a president with TWO black parents. You will be the presidential Frozone. But I digress.

So Soul was advertised as this historic thing where a black character was going to be on screen for the first time if you ignore all of the times black characters were on screen previously, in much the same way Disney has announced the first openly gay character almost a dozen times in the past five years alone. When a movie is pushed out as historic because of the identity box checked by the lead characters, you know the story is going to be dyno-mite, because the studio knows that they have to hit it out of the park for such a historic character’s screen debut.

HA HA! I am kidding of course. If the story was any good they wouldn’t need to sell it to you on identity politics, and such was the case for the movie SOUL.

Total Spoilers for SOUL

Soul is the story of a timid black man (Joe) with no father in his life (he dead), who is afraid of his mother, working a part time teaching job (which he’s not very good at), and avoiding a full time job because he’s waiting for his shot at the BIG TIME (which in this case is playing jazz piano). His students don’t respect him, and his mother doesn’t respect him, and he has no wife or kids even though he looks like he’s pushing 40, so apparently he’s no good at relationships. Have I mentioned how HISTORIC this flattering depiction of a black man is? It is VERY historic.

Joe’s dreams come true when he gets a call from a big time jazz musician to join her band. Finally! Joe can dodge that full time teaching job he’s been offered! He’s so excited that he immediately runs out into the street where he falls into an open sewer and dies.

Disney/Pixar decided that, for the historic first black main character (if you ignore Frozone and Tiana and Nick Fury and the entire cast of the Proud Family) they would honor the moment by killing him in this humiliating way in the first twenty minutes.

Historic First Disney/Pixar Black/Dead Character

So Joe is dead, and remains a light blue wispy ghost-like thing for the next half hour. Remember when he was a black man? That’s over now. Now he’s a blue force ghost like you expect him to be walking up on Luke Skywalker at any moment and talking about his father and the Clone Wars. Instead he gets assigned to a pre-born girl named 22 (non-historic white woman Tina Fey) who doesn’t want to be born because she thinks earth looks scary and boring. While the leftist millennials at Disney/Pixar probably hadn’t thought of this, Soul accidentally became the most PRO-LIFE movie they ever made. All of these pre-born kids are waiting to be born, with hopes and dreams, each of them a unique person with a unique personality. Oops! Better hurry up and move past this! Nothing to see here!

Oops! Pre-born kids are presented as people! Nothing to see here!

Joe and 22 make a plan for Joe to get back to earth so he can be a piano player. Hilarity ensues, and the two of them fall to earth together. We see Joe’s body in the hospital- and apparently falling to his death in an open sewer wasn’t that bad because he pops right up and heads out for lunch. EXCEPT- Joe’s soul (title!) is in the cat that works at the hospital and 22 (voiced by white woman Tina Fey) is now in Joe’s body. So when I said Joe being a black man is over, I meant that. His body is now home to a white woman, and he is a cat.

See that cat on his lap? That’s Joe. His body is home to a white woman now. HISTORIC!

One might expect 22 to ruin Joe’s life, since this is her first day on earth, but over the next hour of movie, 22 (as Joe) has the first meaningful interaction with one of Joe’s students that actually has an impact. 22 makes connections with Joe’s friends which Joe never bothered to make because he never listened to them talk. 22 manages to build a bridge with Joe’s mother and establish them as able to relate as adults. In short, a white woman running Joe’s body is a better Joe in almost every way even though this is her FIRST DAY ON EARTH.

Did I mention how historic this is? SO historic!

At the Last Moment, They Run Out of Budget

The movie ends with Joe finally getting his body back (Remember when he fell to his death? I wonder whatever happened to that…) and he gets to play THE BIG GIG. But at the end of the night, even though it went well, he doesn’t feel fulfilled. He can choose to go on the road as a jazz piano player like he’s always dreamed, or he can take that job as a full time music teacher, and he doesn’t know what to do. So the movie doesn’t tell you. The end.

No, really! The movie doesn’t tell you what he does. In my opinion, they have been setting him up to learn how he can have a lasting positive impact on those he has a chance to teach, if you consider 22 to be a student of his. Also, the moment where 22 helps one of Joe’s students while in his body is a light bulb moment where he sees what he can do for those kids. The whole movie points toward him taking the teaching job, but the movie goes, “Nah. We’ve done enough work. Write your own ending.” And I’m all, “PIXAR isn’t PAYING me to write the ending. That was YOUR JOB.” But I digress.

Historic, Barely Employed Loser is Historic because… Reasons.

Once again, a movie leans into identity politics to find that it actually has a racist, white supremacist message. Woke leftism is built on a foundation of white supremacy, so they can’t see it. They’re standing on it and gazing at their own adored reflections. This historic black character is emotionally stunted, almost unemployed (intentionally avoiding a full time job even when it’s literally handed to him), has no wife or kids, and his whole life goes better once his actual body is taken over by a white woman who has literally never been on earth before.

This kind of woke racism isn’t an isolated incident in Soul. In Black Panther, the African soldiers of Wakanda turn against the king, siding with a terrorist/murderer who became king because he defeated the old king in hand to hand combat (Because that’s how reasonable peoples choose their leaders). The day is saved when a white American man joins the fight and turns the tides for the side of good. In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the Falcon is a black man who works for the government, using a billion dollar flight suit to combat terrorists all around the world in secret military missions, and yet somehow makes so little money that he can’t help his single-mom sister get a loan big enough to buy an old fishing boat. And he gets harassed by the police. And he sympathizes with terrorists who kill American soldiers and civilians because they want free stuff from the government. And then he ends the series with the AMAZING philosophical declaration that the political leaders “need to do better.” So wise. BETTER. I mean… wow. Right? HISTORIC.

Darwin, Disney and the KKK

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Woke leftism/atheism is built on evolution, which is a foundationally white supremacist worldview. Darwinism and the present “Out of Africa Theory” does not allow for equality, bur rather proposes a history where white men evolved from brown men, who evolved from African men who evolved from African apes. The word “Race” means “Species,” so the division of humanity into different “races” is literally RACIST.

This racist attitude was steeped in the Democratic party long before the Nazi’s applied it to their politics. In the early 1900s, African men were put on display in “The Human Zoo” as our evolutionary ancestors, and one was forced to live in the Bronx zoo with the orangutans. The evolutionists at the New York times defended this by appealing to evolution as “science”, and arguing that taking that African man from the zoo to a school would be wasted because he wasn’t evolved enough to learn, and probably didn’t want to.

The Democratic left’s obsession with RACE is built on this evolutionism. Again, even the term RACE, means “Species.” The Bible teaches that there are no species of humans other than the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. Acts 17 says “From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth…” But the doctrine and goals of the KKK live on in the political correctness that their party has been pushing on us for decades, and now it’s absolutely ruining Disney movies.

At the end of the day, Soul is a well made movie which is fairly entertaining, but the political correctness which is forced into the movie from the outside is the same tone deaf, hypocritical nonsense that the atheist left has been pushing for decades. Don’t just accept the bumper stickers.

The left SAYS they are fighting against racism, but they reject the equality of all peoples.

The left SAYS they believe in equality, but they are also constantly saying that Black people of all ages can’t be held to the standards of merely obeying the law, paying attention in class or showing up to work on time.

The left expects very little of black Americans and they teach them to expect little of themselves.

As Christians, we need to stand up together and say, there is one race- THE HUMAN RACE. We are made in the image of God, and we expect you to act like it. That’s what equality looks like.

And one more thing we all have in common is, we have souls stained by sin, and we need Jesus to clean us up, let us be born again, and have a new heart.

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4 Responses to Pixar’s Soul has no Heart (and it’s racist)

  1. jsneese62 says:

    Boy oh Boy, it is far too early in the morning to have my brain yanked around like, but I can check that off my list of things to watch. I actually hate it when forms ask my race and always want to write human and the fact I am nearly snow white. My man is black and he really dislikes being called African-American he says he is not African and has never been to Africa he is American pure and simple. I hate movies and shows like this because it is getting kids to do something that is not natural to them and that is to look at skin color.
    The KKK went underground after the 60s for the most part because they realized they could do their best work from behind closed doors and in secret. Sure they remind us from time to time there are still there and to get tempers to flare all over again, but it is all well orchestrated and planned. One of the first things the government did when welfare was rolled out was to destroy as many black families as they could. It was marketed in a way that strongly implied why have the father around when we can pay you to raise your children and in the fine print keep you poor,, a victim, and under control. Another form of control is abortion there is a reason most Planned Parenthood are in black neighborhoods.


    • Good evening my friends!
      This may seem two faced of me, but in full disclosure, I am not actually opposed to people watching Soul like I am Turning Red. Turning Red is a moral dumpster fire with unlikable characters, but Soul is, as I said in my article, tainted from the outside. I have another article about this (I think next week), but the short version is this:
      The movie itself doesn’t dive into identity politics like Falcon and Winter Soldier did. Soul has black characters, but doesn’t present that as important to the story. Joe could have been white, Jewish or Japanese and the story would have been almost exactly the same in every way. The whole problem I have is with the marketing which focused SO MUCH on the color of the character and actor, when it was pointless to do so. The thing I’m pointing out is how that marketing which focused SO MUCH on the color of Joe was in direct contrast to the story, character development and plot of the movie. If you try and watch it through that lens, it becomes immediately offensive.
      If you watch Soul simply as a fanciful story about a guy named Joe who loves Jazz music- its not bad. A lot of it is really good, and while I hate the lack of ending, it’s worth at least one viewing. It’s only when you think about it the way the marketing talked about it as some kind of historic BLACK MAN ON SCREEN FOR THE FIRST TIME! nonsense that it becomes offensive because instead of Joe being a flawed guy on a journey, he’s an icon of all black men, but not a flattering one.
      I hope that makes sense. I have an article where I explain it further coming out probably next week. In the mean time, thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments!


  2. jsneese62 says:

    I want to say my comment had everything to do with how it is promoted and advertised the story is no worse than some other things I have watched.


  3. Atheistic-Anteater says:

    Okay, the movie does suck, but I have no idea what that has to do with evolution. As an leftist atheist, I understand that you may disagree with me, but it’s like “uh huh, uh huh, WHAT?” It’s just a movie review. No need to go into a random rant about why Darwin is the same as the KKK.

    Soul is especially bad because when 22 gets into Joe’s body she improves his life, as if her white soul can just lift him up. Also he spends most of the movie not as an actual human being, just like in The Emperor’s New Groove, ostensibly the first Disney movie with an Indigenous protagonist. In TENG, said Indigenous protagonist Kuzco is a lazy and greedy individual who is turned into a llama in the first twenty minutes. Thankfully in the sequel he remains human as far as I know.


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