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‘Because, unless you’ve seen every fossil in every museum or still encased in rock, then you can’t possibly claim that unicorns did not exist with anything but arrogance to back you up. Maybe YOU haven’t seen the evidence, but that doesn’t mean it’s not out there.’
Doesn’t that mean that you have to believe they existed or at least consider it until you have looked at every inch of earth possible without finding one? That just sounds exhausting!


Hello Sam,
Yes, admittedly, digging up every square inch of rock on earth would be exhausting. That’s why, despite all of my big talk, I secretly expect I shall never get around to doing it. But what it actually means is, one cannot declare definitively that something DOES NOT EXIST unless there is some LOGICAL reason. For instance, you CANNOT declare with 100% certainty that there are no dinosaurs living on earth right now. But I can claim with absolute certainty that there are no polygamous bachelors. Thanks for your comment!


I’m pretty sure most atheists say there is a chance, even Dawkins says there is a chance a God exists. What atheists have you spoken to have said there is 100% no god?
This also means that we have to give every God the same chance, which isn’t really beneficial for any specific religion. Also, if there is an incredibly powerful and wise God out there and we have to resort to ‘well, you can’t say that he doesn’t exist’, then that God isn’t doing well at showing himself at all.


Hello Sam!
I would recommend you surf on over to and check out the Atheism playlist and the Answering Atheism playlist. I think I cover almost anything you have to ask about in those.
But in a quick, rapid fire Q&A:
1. Yes, atheists DO admit that God MAY exist, making them Agnostics, because most of them are not actually stupid enough to BE atheists. I don’t really believe “Atheists” exist.

2. Yes, you should examine all religious claims, including atheism, and all scientific claims, and all marketing claims, and all political slogans with reason and logic according to truth and not according to what you WANT to be true or how you FEEL about it. This means you cannot be intellectually lazy. I will not answer for your choices- you will.

3. I know that if you follow the evidence, reason, and logic, then you will do what a thousand atheists before you have done- men like CS Lewis, Lee Stroble, and Josh McDowell- you will come to know Christianity is true. Then you will have to decide if you will worship the one true God and give your sins to Jesus so you can be clean and forgiven.


God has shown himself in the stars, in math, in every living cell, and in your very ability to ask the question. You already know it to be true. You just need to have the courage to tear down the walls that keep you from the truth. Start with that link, and don’t give up. Keep asking questions.

But people say the exact same thing about their religion, and I am just not accepting their truth either. This makes life very difficult!

Greetings Sam,
Yes, people on both sides of any debate or conversation will say the same silly things. I never pretend that ALL Christians have good reasons for their faith, only that there ARE good reasons for their faith, whether they know them or not. Atheism has no good reasons, and so I get comments ALL OF THE TIME which assert that, because the commenter is ignorant of some facts, I must be wrong. It’s silly, but Atheism really offers little more.
If you are interested in some of the reasons FOR the Christian worldview, we’ve started a helpful little site here:
I hope it helps. And remember, #JesusLovesYou.

Atheism doesn’t offer anything. It is simply saying I do not believe in the beliefs that are being presented to me. It is like saying not playing football doesn’t offer anything as a sport. It doesn’t, but that is because not playing football isn’t a sport.

Hello Sam!
This is a popular idea on the internet (Non-Stamp Collecting), but not only is it wrong, but it doesn’t matter. I explain why in detail here:

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2 Responses to Sam and the Unicorn

  1. Tsk, orange, you use nonsense like appeals to popularity for your nonsense. “I know that if you follow the evidence, reason, and logic, then you will do what a thousand atheists before you have done- men like CS Lewis, Lee Stroble, and Josh McDowell- you will come to know Christianity is true.” So, since plenty of Christians have become atheists following reason, logic and evidence, you will do what a thousand Christians before you have done. You’ll come to know that atheism is the correct conclusion. Now, when people do look for evidence for this god, look at the logic and look at the reason and don’t agree with you, what was the problem then? Will you try to claim that they didn’t look at it in the “correct” way? Weren’t they “sincere” enough, Linus? And there are athesits because we are sure that all of the gods that humans have invented don’t exist. There’s no evidence for yours or anything it supposedly did, and plenty of evidence for entirely contradictory things happening.

    and no, your particular version of your god isn’t in “God has shown himself in the stars, in math, in every living cell, and in your very ability to ask the question.” no more or less than any other god. I can say that Sekhmet or Vishnu, or Allah, is i”n the stars, in math,…..” and you can’t show that I’m wrong any more than you can show that you are right. It’s a shame that you can’t show those gods don’t exist, and your god does. It’s also great to see you try to claim that since atheism isn’t anything more than the conclulsion that there are no gods, this is somehow a failure. Alas for you, us atheists follow all sorts of philosophies, and those *do* provide lots of things. It must make you so unhappy that people can have great lives without agreeing with you.

    Poor orange, he has to believe that everyone agrees with him because he needs that external validation. He wants to pretend that he can’t possibly be wrong, so of course everyone has to really agree with him.


    • Welcome once again Clubby,
      I don’t know if you’re just lonely or a glutton for punishment, but here you are again, and entirely wrong again. BUT! Not merely calling me a liar. This is a refreshing change of pace. I honestly didn’t think you had anything else to say. But here you have surprised not just me with your ability to move from merely calling me a liar to playing armchair psychologist as you forcefully ignore or misunderstand everything I said while trying to argue that it proves some character flaw in me, as opposed to doing the hard work of making a case against what I have said. So, a refreshing change of pace, but not one that makes you look any better. I guess you should just take what little victories you an claim here.

      To begin with, it is not an appeal to popularity to note that many former atheists have become Christians and Christian apologists. It is a matter of history. For this to be an appeal to authority fallacy, I would have to use this fact of history as the primary evidence in an argument for the truthfulness of Christianity. For instance, I would have to say, “Obviously Christianity has to be true. Look at all of these people who believe it!” Because that’s how the appeal to popularity, or Bandwagon fallacy works.

      As for your claim that Christians become atheists, that is simply wrong. People raised in the church? Certainly. But as has been wisely pointed out by John Branyan, any time you listen to an atheist talk about their “former faith” you begin to see that they never WERE Christians. They were ambiguously spiritual, or held some vague religious beliefs which differed almost not at all from any Mormon or Muslim or Deist on earth. None of them were actual CHRISTIANS. I suspect you don’t understand the distinction I am making, and as other atheists have done in the past, you will demand the scientific criteria by which we distinguish between real and pretend Christians. Here’s a hint- it’s in the Bible. Jesus makes this distinction, as do other authors of the New Testament. That you will be forced to ask will show how very little you understand the worldview you think you are attacking with these sad and emotional comments you leave me. Maybe you should be trying to learn what Christianity is before you take a smug and hostile attitude against it?

      Now your claim that OTHER gods can be found in nature and whatnot further shows that you don’t understand other religions either. Your ignorance, it seems, knows no bounds. Other gods do not CLAIM to have made the stars. So appealing to the stars to show their existence would be pointless. You are mistaking the fact that people can MAKE a claim with the idea that that claim is logical. But people make absurd claims all of the time. You make quite a few just in this post. For instance, “you can’t show that I’m wrong any more than you can show that you are right.” I HAVE shown atheism to be false and indefensible. MANY times. Just as I have shown some of the MANY reasons we all know that God exists. Your claim here is absurd, and one you don’t even believe. What’s more, you fail to even understand my position on atheism even though I make it clear in a collection of videos and articles. You say, “you try to claim that since atheism isn’t anything more than the conclulsion that there are no gods,” and yet I have explained the Core Tenets of Orthodox Atheism several times, such as here:
      You may be interested to know what your self professed religion teaches. I hope you will learn that you are not stupid enough to be an atheist and stop calling yourself one.

      And stop pretending that you and the atheist lot are “happy and lead great lives.” You really want to pretend that your continually coming to the blog of a total stranger and leaving ignorant and hateful rants like this is what a healthy and happy person does? I think you know better as much as I do. This is the cry for help from the sad existential void that your stupid religion forces you to live in. You don’t come here to teach me the truth, and you don’t come here because you think your life is happy and full of meaning. You come here because even YOU can see through the thin facade of atheism and you are trying to continue convincing yourself of this lie you know to be a lie. This is why you get angry when I give evidence and reasons for the God you know is there. You can feel the weight of your own sin and you know as well as I do that if you die tonight, you wake up in hell tomorrow. But Jesus died to save wretched sinners like us- including you- so that you can go to sleep knowing that you have eternal life. Here’s what I suggest: Watch that video I linked above. Learn what your religion really is. You will see that it is too stupid for you to believe. Then go read “Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis and “More than a Carpenter” by Josh McDowell, and maybe
      Then instead of listening to the hateful ignorance of other atheists on Youtube, try cracking a bible (or surfing on over to and reading the Gospel of John and the book of Romans. See what Christianity really teaches, see what Jesus did for you, and maybe let him clean you from your many sins. Or, you can spit in his face and go to hell. That is a decision you have to make. Just keep in mind that no one is promised another tomorrow. Choose wisely. And if you come back here, let me again suggest that you try asking good questions. I’m here to help.


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